You can speak, or not, dance, sing, move, clown, ask the audience for suggestions... or not. The choices are all yours.
  Accept all offers, respect your partner and make them look good; choose transformation over ego; contributing and letting go of control over outcomes.

Freedom to flail.
Many people feel uncomfortable and self-conscious in any situation that might remotely involve "flailing." And yet the creative mind revels in flailing, as long as we can stay with it long enough to have some fun.

Freedom to fail.
We are under constant pressure to perform. In feeling the freedom to fail, we learn to flow with it as part of the creative process.

Freedom to Flop.
To find a place in life where it is okay to look hapless and then just move on is an amazing thing. This is the closest we can get to full-on acceptance of our flawed self because it happens in front of a group of people who will applaud the effort. And who want your support when it happens to them.

Freedom To Flounder.
It feels natural to follow the familiar, and to go in new directions feels wrong, fearful, even shame-inducing. So we flounder in order to break things up. We learn to tolerate the discomfort through the group's acceptance. We discover the scene by being in it, just as we are.

Free, Fun and Fabulous.